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7 October 2010

The Amp Hour Podcast #11

The mighty Dave Jones is ill this week (oi noi!) so Jeff Keyzer of Mighty Ohm is standing in for him. Chris Gammell does a rather good job of hosting, even if his impression of an Aussie sounds more like Dick van Dyke in Maary Parpins. Cor blimey luvvaduck applesandpears etc.

Congratulations guys on hitting the 1000 listener mark, I'm sure it'll be hitting the 10k mark before long! Some of the stuff they are talking about includes:

Analogue design geekyness -  remember that no matter how big digital gets, the real world will always be analogue.

A look at the new Arduino Uno board which may or may not look like a packet of something-for-the-weekend-sir. I'm going to post an article on the cult of the Arduino sometime soon. It won't be a tech level posting, because I think the Arduino's importance is at a higher level than that. Right now it seems that Arduino are having one or two growing pains.

Along with Chris, I had never heard of Silicon Chip magazine. I think the publishers are really missing a trick not publishing in the UK. Since the 1980s, the number of electronics magazines hitting W.H.Smith and other news stands has gone from 8 or so a month to 1. The trade mags have turned from being technical information into pages of adverts with less and less effort going into the articles, something I am always mentioning to people. They are turning the 'treeware' magazine industry into something dusty, stale and irrelevant. 

Oh, by the way guys, it is pronounced rooter not rowter ;)

The Amp Hour

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