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30 August 2010

The Electronics Design Blog Starts Here!

Or at least it will when I am happy with the template and have finished hacking it around. I am trying to tread that file line between "professional" without falling into "really quite dull indeed" which seems to dog so many tech sites. I suspect I may actually end up with it looking like a class of 6 year olds have been let loose in a crayon factory, so we shall see!

All will be revealed in due course but, to cut a long story short, I have been writing some product reviews recently, and have a couple of design projects which I think some people may be interested in. The first of which is mysteriously named "Prospero", which does rather sound like a dubious financial package, but in reality is a precarious mix of software, digital electronics, analogue trickery and a spot of hardware bashing.



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